Great Lakes Geoscience Ltd. can provide evaluations of existing private gas wells and assist the landowner in licensing the wells with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNR) or with plugging of the wells.  The MNR requires that private gas wells become licensed by the MNR under the Oil. Gas and Salt Resources Act.  The requirement for a license came into effect in June 1997.

Great Lakes Geoscience Ltd. can provide clients with an economic assessment of the value of the natural gas resources that may underly their properties and how the resource can positively impact their operations and livelihood.

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Private Gas Wells - Tap Your Own Natural Gas


Great Lakes Geoscience Ltd.can assist a client with access to a full spectrum of services including selecting sites, staking, permitting, drilling, completion and hookup and inspections of a private producing natural gas well:

  • Landowners in Ontario typically own the mineral rights to their lands and therefore are entitled to extract and use the resources for their own purposes subject to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry (MNR) regulations.
  • Many areas of Southwestern Ontario have been shown to be natural gas-prone from historical drilling records and mapping of the resource.
  • Landowners have the option to pool their lands and collectively extract natural gas for their sole or collective usage.
  • Great Lakes Geoscience can provide a "Quick Look" to a full-scale resource evaluation of the natural gas potential on the subject lands.
  • Great Lakes has examiner certificates and is qualified  to conduct examinations of private or commercial gas and oil wells. on behalf of the Minstry of Natural Resources and Forestry.