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Site Selection for Greenhouse and Cannabis Operators

Great Lakes Geoscience Ltd. is currently assisting greenhouse and cannabis operations in finding optimum properties to develop and expand wherein they will have access to a long-term supply of natural gas reserves which will potentially supply all of their heating and electrical requirements.  Great Lakes personnel have drilled over 100 successful natural gas producers in Ontario and are knowledgable in all aspects of finding the natural gas, developing it and hooking it up to your facility.  Great Lakes will provide ongoing advice on the best properties to purchase which will maximize your natural gas and energy requirements in addition to other key criteria which include access to plentiful fresh water supplies.  Provide Great Lakes with your anticipated requirements and budget and we will work to find the best location that fits your needs.  All past and ongoing projects are kept in the strictest of confidence and Great Lakes is prepared to sign non-disclose and confidentiality agreements prior to commencing work.